Frequently Asked Questions
Is The Lanby a full replacement for primary care?
Yes! The Lanby will take care of all of your primary care needs (and more).
What is included in my membership?
What is not included in my membership?

While we can help coordinate the below, their associated costs are not covered by your membership fee.

Who's on my Care Team?

Each member is assigned a dedicated 3-person Care Team upon joining. You can think of the Care Team as covering the three key pillars of the patient journey: medicine, wellness, and admin. But these pillars don't stand in silos. Your practitioners work as a team, side by side, to ensure your care is coordinated and comprehensive.

To learn more about our practitioners, meet the team here.

How do I get onboarded?

New members start with a one-hour baseline visit (in person) & 25-minute Care Plan review (virtual) in the following weeks. Our goal: getting to know you, without you telling us anything twice.

Do I need to carry health insurance with my membership?
We recommend that you continue to carry health insurance to cover lab work, prescriptions, imaging, diagnostic tests, and hospitalizations. We'll also often encourage our members to move towards a higher deductible, lower premium plan to front load their healthcare spend on primary care. Why? Because 80% of health needs can be addressed through primary care alone. Higher deductible plans also enable more flexibility in choosing specialists and may offer an HSA account. HSA/FSA dollars may be used to cover all or some of your membership fee, but we recommend that you check with your tax advisor or HSA/FSA plan administrator to confirm.
Do you offer family rates?
The Lanby offers a Partner Rate for couples that join together (we currently do not offer pediatric care). When one partner signs up for membership, the other can include their partner's name in the "How did you hear about us" section, and note that they're your partner, to receive a preferred rate of $295/month.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes! We love when our members recommend The Lanby to their friends. You’ll get a free month and your friend will get a free month.

The new member will receive their 7th month free. The existing member will receive their next month free as long as they’ve been a member for 6 months. To redeem: The new member must note the existing member’s name when answering the question “How did you hear about The Lanby?” on the signup form.

Can I test out The Lanby experience?
A big value of our core product is continuity: unlimited visits with the same Care Team, over time, to yield best results. For this reason we don’t offer a trial membership.
How will I be billed?
Membership starts on the day of your first baseline visit, at which time you will be billed for your first month of membership. You'll be automatically charged monthly thereafter.
What happens if I need to cancel my membership?
You may cancel your membership any time before your first baseline visit at no cost. Membership may not be cancelled for the first six months following the baseline. Following this period, members may cancel with 30 days notice before their next payment is due to stop future payments, by emailing the membership email that is provided upon joining.
What if I don't live in NYC?
We are currently only accepting members from the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California. The baseline visit must be conducted in person, but most other services can be rendered virtually.
What does The Lanby mean?
This is probably our most frequently asked question, but the answer is kind of a whole thing. You'll just have to ask us in person.

Have questions about membership?
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