Frequently Asked Questions
Founding Membership
How do I sign up?
The Founding Member class is now at capacity. To join our waitlist and be notified when we begin releasing general memberships, click here.
Why is the Founding Member rate “for life”?
We wanted the difference between membership and Founding Membership to reflect the important role we believe our Founding Members will play in our launch and future growth. Making an early commitment to a disruptive form of healthcare makes you a part of our extended team, and we think that calls for some disruptive team benefits. So instead of a preferred rate just for your first year, we want to promise you that rate for life—regardless of how our pricing evolves down the line as we open future locations and expand our offerings.
What happens when The Lanby opens?
We designed our onboarding process to ensure long appointments and short waits. Founding Members will have exclusive access to appointments at open, meaning we won’t be offering baseline visits to new members until all Founding Members have had the opportunity to book theirs. Appointments will be made available in the order Founding Members sign up, so the sooner you join, the sooner you’ll be off the list to book your baseline. As a reminder, your baseline visit must be done in-person in our NYC office.
What happens in the interim?
The primary function of your deposit is to lock in your spot in line for onboarding. In the meantime, Founding Members will have opportunities to provide input on membership and engage with our team through exclusive programming and content. Please note that until doors open, we cannot furnish medical services.
How will I be billed?
Year 1: Founding Members secure a $2000/year rate for life by putting down a 50% deposit at sign up. The remaining balance will only be charged once you have booked your first appointment. You won’t be billed again until one year after you book your first appointment.

Year 2 & beyond
: After the first year, you will be charged quarterly according to our standard membership policy. For Founding Members, that comes out to $500/quarter.
What happens if I need to cancel?
You may cancel within 48 hours of signing up for Founding Membership and receive a full refund. While the deposit will be non-refundable thereafter, there is no commitment to sign up for an appointment at launch.
General Membership
Do I still need a primary care doctor?
Nope! The Lanby is a full replacement for all of your primary care needs (and beyond).
What is included in my membership?
What is not included in my membership?

While we can help coordinate the below, their associated costs are not covered by your membership fee.

Do I need to carry health insurance with my membership?
We recommend that you continue to carry health insurance to cover lab work, prescriptions, imaging, diagnostic tests, and hospitalizations. We'll also often encourage our members to move towards a higher deductible, lower premium plan to front load their healthcare spend on primary care. Why? Because 80% of health needs can be addressed through primary care alone. Higher deductible plans also enable more flexibility in choosing specialists and may offer an HSA account. HSA/FSA dollars may be used to cover all or some of your membership fee, but we recommend that you check with your tax advisor or HSA/FSA plan administrator to confirm.
Do you perform gynecological exams?
We recommend seeing a gynecologist for complete gynecological exams. We have curated an exclusive referral network for this very reason. While we are not a multi-specialty practice (yet), we’ve rigorously vetted our specialist partners to ensure that even when you’re going outside The Lanby, you’re getting A+ care and A+ delivery.

We know finding the right specialist isn’t easy. Your Concierge Manager will help match you based on your insurance plan and practice preferences. From there, they’ll coordinate communication between your Lanby Care Team and external specialists to make sure there are no open loops in your care.
How will I be billed?
Members are billed and charged quarterly. You will pay for your first quarter upon signing up for your membership (you'll then be prompted to make your first appointment). From there, we will charge your card on file quarterly. You may submit your membership fee for HSA/FSA reimbursement.
What happens if I need to cancel my membership?
Before first appointment: Full refund within one week of signing up.
After sign up: 6 month commitment.
After 6 months: Cancel at any time, up until 1 week before the next billing cycle.
What if I don't live in NYC?
We are currently only accepting members from the NY tri-state area. The baseline visit must be conducted in person, but all other services can be rendered virtually.
When & where will you open?
We are set to open our doors in Fall 2021. Our first location will be centrally located between Grand Central and Bryant Park, at 535 Fifth Avenue, Suite 603, NY NY 10017.
How are you handling Covid-19?
Your health is our top priority. Once our location opens, we will be following all relevant safety protocols, including CDC and OSHA guidelines, to ensure maximum sanitation and safety on site. We will also be offering Covid testing for your convenience.
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