Frequently Asked Questions
Is The Lanby a full replacement for primary care?
Yes! The Lanby will take care of all of your primary care needs (and more).
What is included in my membership?
What is not included in my membership?

While we can help coordinate the below, their associated costs are not covered by your membership fee.

Do I need to carry health insurance with my membership?
We recommend that you continue to carry health insurance to cover lab work, prescriptions, imaging, diagnostic tests, and hospitalizations. We'll also often encourage our members to move towards a higher deductible, lower premium plan to front load their healthcare spend on primary care. Why? Because 80% of health needs can be addressed through primary care alone. Higher deductible plans also enable more flexibility in choosing specialists and may offer an HSA account. HSA/FSA dollars may be used to cover all or some of your membership fee, but we recommend that you check with your tax advisor or HSA/FSA plan administrator to confirm.
How will I be billed?
Members pay 50% of their first year's membership fee at the time they sign up. The remaining 50% gets billed after the first baseline visit. In every subsequent year, members will be billed on a quarterly basis.
What happens if I need to cancel my membership?
Before first baseline visit: Full refund of deposit.
Up to 48 hours after baseline visit: No refund on deposit, but full refund on balance of membership.
After year 1: Cancel at any time within 1 week of next quarterly billing cycle.
What if I don't live in NYC?
We are currently only accepting members from the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California. The baseline visit must be conducted in person, but most other services can be rendered virtually.
How are you handling Covid-19?
Your health is our top priority. Our team is fully vaccinated, and we are following all relevant safety protocols, including CDC and OSHA guidelines, to ensure maximum sanitation and safety on site.  We will also be offering complimentary Covid testing for your convenience.

Have questions about membership?
Book a free consult call with our founders.

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