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A primary care membership for patients who want more

Integrative medicine. Nutrition. Wellness. All under one roof.
Member benefits

Designed to make you look forward to the doctor

The Lanby is reimagining primary care from the patient perspective.

A lasting relationship

A dedicated Care Team manages your ongoing care, in-person or virtually.

Efficient, not rushed

Visits choreographed to maximize our time together. And for the moments in between, we’re just a chat message away.


Conventional medicine meets integrative medicine, meets nutrition & wellness, all under one roof. 

Human-led, tech-powered

A Member app that provides direct access to your Care Team and ensures accountability.

A proactive approach

Holistic primary care that minimizes risk for disease and optimizes your health.

Stress-free coordination

A Michelin-worthy team who goes the extra mile every time.

Say hello to your primary care team

The journey to find your best health isn't one to go at alone. Your Care Team works together to cover the three pillars of the patient journey: medicine, wellness, and coordination

The Lanby
Lead Physician
Lead Physician

Your health detective, committed to treating the root cause of your symptoms and quarterbacking your health.

  • Integrative primary care
  • Chronic condition management
  • Preventive screenings
  • Advanced diagnostic & genetic analysis
Medical Assistant
Medical Assistant

Your go-to for bloodwork, advanced diagnostics, body composition testing, and imaging.

  • Phlebotomy
  • InBody Body Composition Test
  • Imaging Coordination
Physician Assistant
Physician Assistant

Your first line of defense for any clinical questions that come up in between visits.

  • Acute care
  • Chronic condition management
  • Accountability check-ins
Member Advocate
Member Advocate

The key to your success, ensuring your care is coordinated, organized, and actionable.

  • Expedited referrals to top specialists
  • Care coordination
  • Membership success
Wellness Advisor
Wellness Advisor

The yin to your Physician’s yang, personalizing and prioritizing your wellness goals to be both attainable and sustainable.

  • Personalized nutrition
  • Fitness & mobility
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) analysis
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The Membership

HSA/FSA eligible
Join the club

A deposit is due upon registration which will be credited towards your first quarterly payment. Your membership does not begin until your Baseline Visit.

First visit: (in person)
Medical history review
Complete physical exam
Wellness assessment
Body composition analysis
Comprehensive lab panel
Goal setting
Dedicated care team
Vetted specialist referrals
Imaging coordination
Quarterly labwork review
Quarterly check-ins
Supplement recommendations
Advanced diagnostics
Wearable guidance
Member app
Records consolidation
Member group sessions
Prescription refills
Curated panels & events
Preferred partner perks
What’s not included?

How it works


Annual Baseline Assessment

  • During this one-hour, in-person, whole-body assessment with your Care Team, we dig into your health journey and approach to wellness.

  • We conduct a comprehensive physical exam, body composition analysis, labwork, wellness assessment and discuss your goals.


Personalized Care Plan

  • After reviewing your bloodwork results and the information gathered during your Baseline Visit, we craft a personalized, integrative Care Plan.

  • This is an actionable roadmap to success. Whether you’re trying to get to the root cause of a problem, or seeking a way to optimize your health, we’re ready with recommendations and resources to get you there.


Get Well, Better

  • Every quarter you'll do bloodwork and meet with your Care Team to address new areas of concern, or modify your goals.

  • We'll be in touch regularly via the Member app to ensure progress and provide proactive care. For all the moments in between, we’re just a chat message away.

"This is a team who knows you when you call. Appointments are easy to make, and you don’t have to wait weeks to see the doctor. The medical care is the most thorough I’ve had."
"The Lanby really is the 'fine dining' of personalized, holistic healthcare, at a much more palatable price point."
"Helped me schedule with specialists that had months long waiting lists. This is what primary care should be like - functional, holistic, and integrative."
"The Lanby is a dream come true for people who want top-notch health care presented in a way that makes you feel like a guest at a swanky spa."
"Best experience I have had with medical professionals. The team is top notch and works with you on achieving your personal health goals."
get well, better

Let's find your best health

Your care plan is a personalized, actionable roadmap to success. Whether you're trying to get to the root cause of a problem, or seeking a way to optimize your health, we're ready with recommendations for advanced diagnostics, holistic treatments, and resources to get you there.
5-star reviews
For solving problems
Chronic disease
Hormone health
Gut health
Metabolic health
Acute care
For reaching goals
Body composition
Stress management

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