A primary care members club in New York City
Discover what it feels like when health meets hospitality.
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Coming Fall 2021
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Designed by patients, for patients
We created The Lanby because weʼve been there. Primary care today is outdated, inefficient and unpleasant. So we asked ourselves:
What would it look like if we started from scratch?
Chloe & Tandice, Co-Founders
Our Approach
Redefining primary care
It takes a village
An assigned, coordinated Care Team ensures we're paying attention to all aspects of your health, so that nothing slips through the cracks. We treat the system, not the symptom.
One size does not fit all
Your Care Team designs a personalized plan, built to fit your needs and lifestyle—and measured on an ongoing basis.
Cut through the noise
The Lanby takes the work out of wellness for you, with trusted, evidence-based medicine and wellness that never bows down to trends.
Reimagining the doctor’s office
Cut the red tape
Next-day availability. Short waits. Long visits. Seamless specialist referrals. Seems obvious, doesn’t it?
No way Monet
You’ve seen your last expired waiting room magazine. A club inspired by your favorite New York restaurants & hotels.
Be our guest
A doctor’s office where everyone knows your name. Our staff training is pulled directly from the hospitality industry, setting the standard for guest experience in health care.
The Experience
Meet your Personal Care Team
The journey to find your best health isn’t one to go at alone.
In fact, we think it takes a team.
Get well, better
One all-inclusive, unlimited, no-thinking-required annual membership to replace your current primary care. We're a no-insurance model, because we believe this realigns physician and patient incentives and allows physicians to spend time on what matters: their patients.
$2,400 annual fee, billed quarterly
No copays or hidden fees
Use FSA/HSA dollars
Baseline visit & assessment
Tell us about your medical history, pain points, and health goals. Your first visit is a one-hour, in-person meeting with your assigned 3-person Care Team, including a full physical, on site lab work, and wellness assessments.
Care Plan review
Thirty-minute follow up with your full Care Team to review lab work and discuss your Care Plan. This will serve as your personalized roadmap - your team will check in monthly to hold you accountable to your goals, and work with you to update your plan as you make progress.
Step into our office
Unlimited visits
Wellness assessments
On-site lab work
Classes, events & panels
Vaccinations & travel medicine
Complimentary cafe
Reach out anytime
Unlimited virtual visits
Unlimited chat
Specialist referral requests
Prescription requests & refills
Consolidated records & Care Plan
Founding Membership
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Founding Member Perks
Preferred Rate
Lock in an early bird rate for your first year with a $300 deposit.
Skip The Line
Enjoy privileged access to appointments and peak hours when we open.
Get Involved
Join us for exclusive prelaunch programming, from virtual panels to a hard hat tour of the club. We see our Founding Members as part of our extended team, and will ask you to share your feedback and tell us what you want to see at The Lanby.
Early Updates
Be the first to know about our progress and plans through our members-only newsletter.
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