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Chloe Harrouche

Co-Founder & CEO of The Lanby

I'm a healthcare growth strategist, with experience spanning multiple touch points within the industry, however my personal experience as a young survivor of breast cancer shaped my firsthand perspective of what patients want and need to feel supported in the primary care system. With the patient perspective at its core, The Lanby is reimagining concierge medicine for the modern generation.

Co-Founder of The Lanby: Chloe Harrouche

Founding of The Lanby

I've always been passionate about medicine. After studying bioengineering at Penn, I pursued healthcare strategy & tech consulting, working closely with providers to improve care delivery. But it wasn't until I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 23 that I realized how broken our healthcare system is.

Despite having a specialist for every step of my treatment, no one quarterbacked the process from start to finish, leaving me to manage the coordination of care. Post-treatment, I turned to primary care for guidance on prevention, but found that doctors were trained to treat problems, not prevent them. When I asked for guidance on optimizing my diet and lifestyle, the feedback was often unhelpful.

The lack of interest in prevention and the misaligned incentives in the insurance and fee-for-service model have contributed to the devasting state of healthcare. Without primary care, small problems become big and expensive issues, and we turn to urgent care instead.

The Laby's mission is to redefine primary care to be relevant to patients' needs, engaging and motivating them to take their health to the next level.

We're blowing the value and the experience out of the water to make patients obsessed with their health.

What inspired you to start The Lanby?

What part of your childhood has carried through to make you the founder you are today?

How do you draw on your education and early career to lead the movement in shaking up the health care status quo?

Name 3 things that you would change about the healthcare system

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What is The Lanby?

The Lanby offers a unique primary care membership for those who want more. Our approach is integrative, customized, and centered around the patient. With a dedicated care team including a Lead Physician, Wellness Advisor, and Concierge Manager, we cover medicine, wellness, and coordination. Membership benefits include in-person and virtual visits, personalized care plans, fast access to trusted referrals, on-site lab work, curated programming, and more.