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Take the work out of corporate wellness with one partnership that does it all: a full replacement for your team's healthcare needs with primary care, nutrition & wellness, and care navigation, all under one roof.


Invest wisely in your team’s health

Employee health benefits aren't just another line item — they lay the groundwork for your team's performance. We partner with employers to create a customized offering that supports their needs and enhances their potential. Here's why employers are making the investment:


Consolidate health & wellness

Streamline your team's healthcare through our integrative, coordinated membership. Your employees will have access to a dedicated Care Team for acute and preventive care, and curated programming so you don't have to design a wellness program from scratch.


Frontload spend on prevention

Employers are spending ~$14.5K/employee and still seeing rampant burnout. In other words, they're overspending and still not offering effective solutions. A full-suite membership is a win-win for employee health and employer budgets.


Offer easy, high-touch care

Increase employee satisfaction with primary care that's fast and easy. From efficient appointments, to ongoing chat messaging, to cappuccinos and healthy snacks in the office, we've designed every touchpoint of the experience around patients.


Unlock access to referrals

The Lanby is your ticket to expedited appointments with top-tier specialists, curated perks & programming. We offer the trusted guidance you need to navigate healthcare and sift through the wellness noise.


Build Your Benefits

At the core of our corporate offering is our Lanby membership and programming packages. But going concierge means you can get creative.

Preferred membership rates
Sponsor or subsidize corporate memberships. Prices vary by team size.
Diagnostics & Consultations
Comprehensive lab work, integrative consultations, wellness assessments, group workshops, and more.
Programming & events
Let us design your wellness calendar.
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When we say personalized healthcare, we mean it. Tell us what you're looking for, and we can tailor your package to fit your needs. Get in touch below, and we'll get back to you shortly to schedule a time to chat.

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