A full replacement for your primary care needs and beyond.

One unlimited membership. One flat fee. Each member is assigned a 5-person care team to ensure health, wellness, and patient admin are all covered.

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What's included?

Comprehensive baseline assessment to kick off your membership
Personalized Care Plan based on your biometric data and goals.
Coordination of any care outside of The Lanby to make getting healthy seamless
Continuous care from your dedicated Care Team
Trusted content and community events
The Lanby

Membership Tiers


for 35 years and older
HSA/FSA eligible


for 34 years and under
HSA/FSA eligible
How it works

Member Roadmap


Baseline Assessment

  • During this extensive, in-person, whole-body assessment, your Care Team will dig into your health history, current lifestyle, and aspirations.

  • You can expect a comprehensive physical exam, body composition analysis, extensive labwork, and a 1:1 wellness assessment.


Personalized Care Plan

  • After reviewing your lab results and the information gathered during your Baseline Visit, we craft a personalized, integrative Care Plan.

  • This is an actionable roadmap that serves to prioritize your goals and clarify your next steps. Whether you’re trying to get to the root cause of a problem, or seeking a way to optimize your health, we’ll include everything you need to get there.


Get Well, Better

  • Every quarter, we recommend repeating labs and meeting with your Care Team to assess your progress, discuss new areas of concern, and modify your Care Plan accordingly.

  • Your Member Advocate will also check in to keep us aligned with your goals and tailoring your experience appropriately.

5-star reviews
"This is a team who knows you when you call. Appointments are easy to make, and you don’t have to wait weeks to see the doctor. The medical care is the most thorough I’ve had."
"The Lanby really is the 'fine dining' of personalized, holistic healthcare, at a much more palatable price point."
"Helped me schedule with specialists that had months long waiting lists. This is what primary care should be like - functional, holistic, and integrative."
"The Lanby is a dream come true for people who want top-notch health care presented in a way that makes you feel like a guest at a swanky spa."
"Best experience I have had with medical professionals. The team is top notch and works with you on achieving your personal health goals."


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