Rumination disorder

What is Rumination Disorder?

Rumination disorder is a condition in which a person regurgitates their food and then re-chews it or swallows it again. This behavior typically occurs within the first 30 minutes after a meal and can be repeated several times a day. Rumination disorder is most commonly seen in infants and children, but can also occur in adults. 

Example: A child with rumination disorder may eat a meal and then regurgitate the food several times, re-chewing it before swallowing it again. This behavior can lead to weight loss, malnutrition, and dental problems.

When is it necessary to see a doctor?

If you or your child is experiencing symptoms of Rumination Disorder, such as repeated regurgitation of food, rechewing it, and then either spitting it out or swallowing it again, it's important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. While the condition is rare, it can lead to serious complications if left untreated, including malnutrition, weight loss, and dental problems. Treatment may involve a combination of psychotherapy, medication, and nutritional counseling.

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