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Part of our mission at The Lanby is to make good introductions. That applies across the board: from top tier specialists, to cutting edge wellness partners, to vetted resources, we put in the work to find the good stuff, so that being a patient doesn’t have to be your part-time job (after all, primary care is our full-time job). Our Getting Well With series is a space for us to make introductions to great minds in the wellness industry. We recently sat down with HATCH Founder & CEO Ariane Goldman — read on for a peek into her wellness routine, and how she builds toward the pregnant & postpartum mind just as much as the body.

Meet the CEO

Green juice? Yes. Running? No. Meditation? Get back to her.

What are your daily wellness non-negotiables?

I really try to do yoga in the morning at home before getting my day going. Even if I can’t commit to an entire class, some easy movement to get the blood flowing works wonders on my mood. After that, it’s a green juice on my way into work so I can check that box, and I just try to stay mindful throughout the day. It’s a journey!

What’s a wellness habit you’ve tried to get into but just can’t fall in love with? Is it still on your “future wellness agenda”, or have you come to terms with excluding it from your docket?

I am always trying to get better at daily meditation practices. I’m not ready to exclude it, but I have a hard time fitting it in. Running is something I’m ready to part with. Oh, and doing “dry anything” isn’t my thing.

You made the switch from Amex to founder life. In your time as a serial entrepreneur, what’s something you’ve found that “traditional corporate” gets especially right?

Amex did a great job at checking in with employees and prioritizing their wellness and quality of life, whether through the formal reviews process, or even just through team building initiatives. We also try to stay on top of that — whether via the mental health conversation, which is particularly important for our new moms, or through figuring out what’s working in their day-to-day and what we can rethink. We really want our team to enjoy their work and the process by which they work.

Any advice for founders seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle while going full steam ahead on building their companies? How do we find that balance?

Carve out that time to do what makes you feel great in your day-to-day life. It doesn’t have to be a lofty thing. Literally 15 minutes a day doing something you love, like a walk or a meditation or just getting Vitamin D on your face, can do wonders. But no one will carve out that time for you. Prioritize you for a little bit everyday.

Not Your Mama's Maternity

How HATCH leverages community and listens to the people behind their products for inspiration.

What gets you most excited about the future of the health & wellness industry? Where do you see HATCH in that future, and what’s next for the brand?

I think we’ve seen an evolution from “green juice wellness” into real health and wellness, i.e. the physiological connection between our minds and our bodies. It’s no longer about participating in wellness to look great, but to feel great. At HATCH, our entire reason-for-being is to help pregnant and postpartum women feel great on what is a very turbulent, often challenging ride. Your body is growing in all the ways, you might feel terrible physically, but we’re here to help by offering easy solutions that can give you a bit of joy and make getting dressed less stressful.Our HATCH MAMA skin, hair, and body care assortment also exists to offer women mama- and baby-safe solutions to very common pregnancy and postpartum beauty woes.

How central was the role of community to HATCH when you first started? How have you seen the community organically evolve?

Community has always been a central component to HATCH. Even when we launched, we dug deep into the IRL community by holding meet-ups, content series, and expert panels at our stores. Two years ago, we evolved our community into the digital space with our community content platform Babe. We feature real women’s stories, medical and expert advice, registry recommendations, and little tips, hacks, and fun fashion coverage, so that women on the journey have a place to go for support, information, and companionship.

What were some of the unanticipated challenges of designing for maternity when you first got started?

It’s just been a really fascinating study into the mental psyche of our customer. Understanding what she truly wants and needs during this time goes beyond looking great. Our more recent collections are more solution-oriented. That may mean incorporating a hidden panel into our sweatshirts for easy nursing, or expanding our intimate offerings with best-in-class pump-friendly styles that are organic, baby-safe, and feel amazing against the skin. We’re also doubling down on beauty and skincare, as we learned from her directly that this category is fraught with anxiety for the pregnant and postpartum woman.

What’s the most gratifying feedback someone can give you about HATCH?

When we hear that we’re helping women feel less alone, feel better about themselves, and feel better equipped to handle whatever it is they’re going through, we feel very gratified.

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