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September 8, 2023

Meet Dr. Sylvia Chudy

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Chudy as The Lanby's Lead Physician

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Dr. Sylvia Chudy is a primary care physician double board-certified in Family and Integrative Medicine. She graduated from Poznan University of Medical Sciences and completed her Family Medicine residency at Northwell Health. Her dedication to comprehensive, holistic medicine compelled her to obtain additional certification in functional medicine. Before joining The Lanby, Dr. Chudy served as the Lead Physician at Crossover Health in Midtown Manhattan, where she led a multidisciplinary integrated health team.

Dr. Chudy’s advanced training and innate curiosity empowers her to uncover and address root causes rather than just stopping at the symptoms. Her commitment to integrating conventional medicine with alternative, evidence-based modalities ensures better health outcomes and long-term success for her patients. Her demonstrated passion for mind-body healthcare is the perfect complement for anyone looking to optimize their health.

What motivated you to practice integrative medicine? 

From an early point in my career, I came to the realization that conventional medical training focused too much on treatment with prescription medications and very little on lifestyle, disease reversal, and root cause of illness. I struggled with the 15 minute visit “revolving door” approach to patient care which did not lead to improved health outcomes for my patients and left me with feelings of burnout and dissatisfaction in not being able to provide comprehensive care. It was not until I stumbled upon integrative medicine that I rediscovered my passion for medicine. It is only through this lens that we are able to promote optimal health and wellness and practice holistically.

What aspect of being a doctor has surprised you the most?  

To this day, it still amazes me how excited I still am about my role as a primary care physician. This role gives me the unique opportunity to connect with patients on an intimate level and to profoundly and positively impact their lives. It is also a role that is dynamic and ever evolving with a shift of focus from sick care to well care and primary health. Through rapidly changing technology and more complete and comprehensive diagnostic tools at our disposal, we are able to not only treat our patients episodically, but we are able to accompany people on their unique health journeys throughout their lives.

What issue in healthcare is top of mind for you right now?

Disease prevention. Especially in recent years, we have been tremendously impacted mentally and physically by external stressors. Whether it be work stress, personal life, the COVID pandemic, poor air quality, processed foods, natural disasters, or breaking news, there is not a day that goes by that our health is not at risk. This is why investing in our health and bringing self care to the forefront of our lives is so critical. The more we counterbalance the factors that can negatively impact our health, the better our quality of life can become for decades to come without the development or progression of chronic disease. This is why having a devoted care team to help guide and influence your health choices is so valuable.

How does wellness factor into your own life? 

For me, wellness has many components, but essentially all the components have to do with self care. Whether it be nourishing my body with a healthy meal, taking a yoga class, walking through the park, reading a book, or spending time with loved ones, it is about making a conscientious effort each day to be proactive about my physical and mental well being.

Why The Lanby? 

Patients and practitioners alike are seeking a more meaningful and comprehensive approach to care. By offering the unique blend of traditional primary care and integrative medicine, The Lanby sets itself apart in the primary healthcare space. I cannot begin to express how proud I am to be a part of this unique care model working alongside such a highly knowledgeable, dedicated, and engaged care team!

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