I knew instantly this was a one-stop-shop for complete and comprehensive medical advice and care.

Lawrence P.
Member of The Lanby
Members of The Lanby

Why did you join The Lanby? 

I found out about The Lanby in my search to replace my concierge physician who was retiring.  The word ‘Lanby’ caught my eye because as a sailor ‘Lanby’ stands for Large Automatic Navigational Buoy.  I’ve since found out that it has nothing to do with picking the name.  However, I still think I can view it as navigating to better health. From my first contact with the folks at The Lanby I was impressed. Friendly, polite, efficient, and knowledgeable.  I knew instantly this was a one-stop-shop for complete and comprehensive medical advice and care.

Describe your experience as a member. What has been your favorite part or the most valuable benefit?

From my first visit I have been super impressed with the service and more importantly the complete and comprehensive health assessment and care. After meeting the team, I had a complete physical and overall health assessment. Appointments were made for me to see a cardiologist and pulmonologist, as well as scans for cardiac calcium score, lung scan and full MRI. My concierge manager arranged everything and followed everything up with an email or phone call. I have never experienced service like that.  In addition, my physician had follow-up calls with me to discuss the results of all my tests and assessments from the specialists.   

What has your Care Team provided that you weren’t able to get anywhere else?

One-stop-shopping. I love having one concierge manager, and one doctor, to talk with about my complete medical history.  They make it all so easy.

What has been your greatest victory since joining The Lanby?

I love being able to email my concierge manager.  I get reminders of follow-ups and upcoming visits. I have also taken full advantage of the wellness plan.  I met with my wellness advisor and through a weekly check-in call I can stay on target with nutrition and exercise.

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