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July 17, 2023

A Club Code: The Lanby Bracelet

The Lanby bracelets are a club staple for accountability.

Lanby Team
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About The Lanby

A primary care membership for patients who want more. Primary Care. Nutrition. Wellness. All under one roof.

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Introducing The Lanby shibboleth: our version of a habit bracelet, handcrafted in NYC in partnership with Zadeh exclusively for our patents, and designed to serve as your daily reminder to keep putting your health first. 

Upon joining The Lanby, every new member is given a bracelet. The iconic Lanby smiley is your wellness nudge meant to keep you accountable and encourage you to stay engaged and proactive with your health. It’s also a subtle wink to other Lanby members you cross paths with in the wild. 

At The Lanby, we’re all about helping you achieve your health goals big and small. Wear the bracelet with pride as it’s a badge of honor that you’re committing to your health. 

Joining is the first step to getting well, better. Now let’s get you where you’re reallying going.

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If you're curious to learn more about The Lanby, book a free consult call and we'll chat about how The Lanby can be your personalized long term health and wellness partner.

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