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March 14, 2023

Be the CEO of Your Own Health

The Lanby’s Co-Founder and CEO, Chloe Harrouche, explains why it pays to invest wisely in your employees health and wellness.

Chloe Harrouche, Co-Founder & CEO
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Employee Health Benefits Today

Employers claim to be committed to employee health and wellness but what does that actually look like and are we seeing the results?

Let’s start with some facts:

  • $14.5K per employee is currently being spent by employers on health benefits. 
  • 77% of employees are still suffering from burnout despite this spend.

These numbers are a red flag indicating that the current model of employer sponsored piecemeal health benefits is not working. Money is being spent on wellness benefits that are one size fits all and therefore not impactful. In reality, employee health needs to be personalized to be effective. The current standard model costs more and does less.

As an employee, understanding your benefits is confusing and therefore often put on the back burner. Employees don’t get the high quality care they are entitled to which leads to burnout and inability to perform optimally at work. 

So, back to the facts:

  • 80% of issues can be resolved through primary care alone, making your PCP your most important medical resource. 
  • Americans spend an estimated $450 billion on wellness products per year, and this number is growing more than 5% annually.
  • Patients who have a primary care doctor spend 33% less on health care bills over time. That’s because they’re not overspending on specialists and solving problems in the preventive phase.

The Win-Win Benefits of The Lanby for Employees and Employers 

In a complex and fragmented healthcare system, muddled by a booming wellness industry, employers are increasingly seeking a consolidated, high-touch benefits offering. At The Lanby, we have an expansive, generalist solution that integrates health and wellness under one roof. Our offering helps employers manage employee benefits with one solution that supports employees' individual needs. Members of The Lanby get a personalized care plan that fits their own lifestyle and health demands. Month by month, members work with their Care Team to build better habits that lead to better health outcomes. On a macro level, we also curate wellness initiatives and programming to enhance company culture and boost morale.

Achieving optimal health is an ongoing process that takes time and teamwork. Time is of the utmost value to employers and at The Lanby, members save time with unlimited texting, next-day appointments, and expedited top-tier specialist referrals. The Lanby’s Care Team takes on the logistical burden of care coordination, allowing employees to reclaim their time and their sanity. This high touch offering increases employee satisfaction and health, and with easier access to appointments, employees don't need to take off the whole day for a doctor's appointment because we run on time.

The beauty of primary care is that it doesn’t let little things become big things. Front loading spend toward prevention is one of the best investments we can make for our health and for our wallets.  By investing in prevention and primary care, employers can minimize their team's health risk, receive more efficient care, reduce the need for specialist visits and hospitalizations, inspire a healthier workforce, and save on total healthcare costs.

Don’t just pay lip service to health and wellness. Employers that take action will see returns every quarter. The Lanby is a perk employees and employers alike will brag about. When we say personalized healthcare, we mean it. So let’s talk business. Get in touch and we’ll tailor a package to fit your needs. 

Ready to get well, better?

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