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August 21, 2023

Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC: Unveiling the Vegan Scene in the City

Discover the top vegan restaurants in New York City and immerse yourself in the vibrant plant-based culinary landscape of the city that never sleeps.

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New York City, the bustling metropolis renowned for its iconic food culture, has seen a remarkable transformation in recent years. As the world embraces sustainable and compassionate dining, the city that never sleeps has joined the vegan revolution. Let’s explore the evolution of veganism in NYC and answer some of the most pressing questions about its vegan-friendly landscape. 

NYC's 12 best vegan restaurants that you can’t miss

Now, let's dive into the highlight of our guide—the twelve best vegan restaurants in New York City. From soulful comfort food to innovative gourmet creations, these establishments promise an unforgettable dining experience that showcases the diversity and vibrancy of vegan cuisine.

1. Ras Plant Based: unveiling ethiopian delights

Located at 739 Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Ras Plant Based takes you on a culinary journey to Ethiopia. Specializing in plant-based Ethiopian cuisine, this gem offers delicacies like tender mushroom tibs and meat-free dulet. The perfect blend of tradition and innovation makes Ras Plant Based a must-visit for both vegans and food enthusiasts.

2. Vegan Hood: where fried chicken gets a plant-based twist

Nestled at 2100 Frederick Douglass Blvd in Harlem, Vegan Hood redefines comfort food. Sink your teeth into expertly seasoned pea protein faux chick'n that's anything but an afterthought. With a tantalizing blend of flavors, Vegan Hood transforms classic dishes into plant-based delights for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

3. Cadence: elevating vegan soul food

At 111 E. 7th St, in the East Village, Cadence introduces you to a world of vegan soul food. Executive chef Shenarri Freeman's Virginia upbringing shines through in the flavorful plates that prove vegan cuisine need never be boring. Indulge in a soulful experience that warms both your heart and your taste buds. Don’t miss out on the fried lasagna or the Buffalo oyster mushrooms.

4. Buddha Bodai: kosher and vegetarian vegan delights

Explore this kosher and vegetarian restaurant at 5 Mott St in Chinatown. Although not entirely vegan, Buddha Bodai clearly marks egg and dairy items. Immerse yourself in an array of flavors that showcase the beauty of plant-based cuisine. Popular dishes include the fried turnip cake, steamed “pork” buns, “shrimp” dumplings, and more juicy delights. Make sure ot bring friends so you can try a little bit of everything.

5. Dirt Candy: Where vegetables take center stage

Set your sights on 86 Allen Street on the Lower East Side, where Dirt Candy redefines fine dining. Offering a vegetable-focused experience, this restaurant stands out for its uniqueness. As one of the few tasting-menu destinations accommodating vegans, Dirt Candy is a culinary gem that captivates the senses.

6. Ladybird: a whimsical plant-based haven

Step into the world of Ladybird at 111 E 7th St in the East Village, where a completely plant-based menu awaits. This spot is the perfect destination for vegans seeking a fun night out. Ladybird's creativity and dedication to plant-based cuisine make it a standout in NYC's culinary landscape.

7. Spicy Moon: casual vegan excellence

For a relaxed dinner any night of the week, head to 328 E 6th St or the West Village. Spicy Moon offers a casual yet exceptional dining experience, highlighting the diversity of vegan flavors.

8. Délice & Sarrasin: vegan french elegance

Transport yourself to the charming streets of Paris at 20 Christopher St. Délice & Sarrasin brings vegan French cuisine to life, offering dishes that look straight out of a Parisian kitchen. Indulge in the beauty of plant-based elegance.

9. Clementine Bakery: a sweet vegan haven

In Clinton Hill, 395 Classon Ave is home to Clementine Bakery, a paradise for dessert enthusiasts. From cupcakes and donuts to flaky pastries, this bakery and café caters to your sweet cravings while staying true to vegan principles.

10. ABCV: a symphony of vegetable health benefits

At 38 E 19th St in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, ABCV presents a unique approach to vegan dining in the Flatiron district. Each menu arrives with a chart detailing the health benefits of various vegetables, allowing you to savor not only exquisite flavors but also the nutritional value of your meal.

11. Greedi Vegan: Redefining comfort food

Located at 326 Tompkins Ave in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, Greedi Vegan offers life-changing soy fish and grits with country gravy. With a chic dining room and a charming back patio, this restaurant elevates comfort food to new heights.

12. Next Level Burger: plant-based indulgence at its best

Concluding our list is 292 Ashland Pl, home to Next Level Burger. Feast on mouth watering plant-based burgers, chik'n, fries, shakes, and more. Experience the next level of plant-based indulgence in a vibrant setting in Brooklyn.

As you explore the vegan dining scene in New York City, you'll discover an array of culinary gems that redefine plant-based cuisine. From the soulful creations of Cadence to the chic elegance of Greedi Vegan, each restaurant on this list offers a unique experience that celebrates creativity, sustainability, and compassion. 

So, whether you're a vegan enthusiast or a curious food lover, don't miss the opportunity to savor these twelve best vegan restaurants in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

What are the benefits to eating vegan food?

Before we delve into the tantalizing realm of vegan restaurants, it's important to understand the essence of a vegan diet. A vegan diet is centered around plant-based foods, including vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits, while abstaining from animal-derived products such as any kind of meat, dairy, and eggs. But what are the benefits of embracing this lifestyle?

Eating vegan food offers a wide range of benefits for your health, the environment, and animal welfare. Here are some of the key advantages of adopting a vegan diet:

Improved heart health

A well-balanced vegan diet can help lower the risk of heart disease. It tends to be lower in saturated fats and cholesterol, which are often found in animal products. High consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts may contribute to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Weight management 

Many people find that adopting a vegan diet can support weight loss and weight management. Plant-based foods tend to be lower in calories and unhealthy fats, while being rich in fiber, which can help control appetite and promote a feeling of fullness.

Lower risk of chronic diseases 

A vegan diet has been associated with a reduced risk of certain chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, certain cancers (such as colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer), and obesity.

Digestive health 

The high fiber content of plant-based foods can promote a healthy digestion and prevent constipation. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes can contribute to a healthy gut.

Reduced inflammation 

Plant-based diets are generally anti-inflammatory due to their high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals. This may help reduce the risk of inflammatory conditions and related health issues.

Environmental sustainability

The production of plant-based foods generally has a lower environmental impact compared to animal agriculture. Raising animals for food requires more land, water, and resources, contributing to deforestation, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Ethical considerations 

Adopting a vegan lifestyle aligns with ethical considerations, as it avoids contributing to animal suffering and supports a more humane treatment of animals.

Increased nutrient intake

A well-planned vegan diet can provide ample nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds are rich sources of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and folate.

Lower risk of foodborne illnesses 

Consuming plant-based foods reduces the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria commonly found in animal products, reducing the likelihood of foodborne illnesses.

Support for biodiversity 

A vegan diet can contribute to biodiversity conservation by reducing demand for animal agriculture, which often involves habitat destruction and the use of pesticides.

It's important to note that while a vegan diet offers numerous benefits, it's essential to plan your meals carefully to ensure you're getting all the necessary nutrients, including vitamin B12, iron, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. Consulting with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian before making significant dietary changes is recommended.

NYC vegan restaurants: a complete guide

How many vegan restaurants are in NYC?

As of the latest count, New York City is home to over 150 vegan restaurants, showcasing the incredible growth of plant-based dining in the city. These establishments vary in size, style, and cuisine, ensuring that there's something for every palate. Whether you're craving Asian-inspired dishes, comfort food classics, or innovative gourmet creations, NYC's vegan restaurant scene has it all.

What famous NYC restaurant went vegan?

One of the most notable transformations in the New York culinary world was the transition of Eleven Madison Park, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant, into a fully plant-based establishment. Renowned chef Daniel Humm announced this bold move, reflecting a significant shift in the perception of fine dining. 

With this change, Eleven Madison Park not only set a new standard for gourmet vegan cuisine but also demonstrated the growing demand for plant-based options even among the most prestigious eateries.

What is the largest vegan restaurant in NYC?

Blossom takes the crown as one of the largest vegan restaurant chains in New York City. With multiple locations across the city, Blossom is a pioneer in vegan dining, offering an array of delectable dishes that cater to various preferences. For example, the BBQ Jackfruit and Tofu BLTs are fan favorites, along with jackfruit tacos and seitan piccata. From savory plant-based burgers to indulgent vegan desserts, Blossom's commitment to ethical dining is evident in every bite. 

How vegan-friendly is New York?

New York City's vegan-friendliness is on a rapid rise, reflecting the changing dietary preferences of its diverse population. The city's food scene has embraced this shift, with an abundance of vegan options available across neighborhoods. From trendy cafes to fine dining establishments, the growing number of vegan-friendly eateries ensures that both residents and visitors can enjoy a wide range of cruelty-free and delicious choices.


New York City's culinary landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation, with veganism taking center stage in the hearts and plates of its residents and visitors. From the iconic transition of Eleven Madison Park to the thriving vegan-friendly eateries that dot the city's neighborhoods, the Big Apple has truly embraced the plant-based movement. 

With over 150 vegan restaurants offering diverse and delectable options, New York City stands as a shining example of how a cosmopolitan hub can cater to the growing demand for ethical and sustainable dining experiences. Whether you're a seasoned vegan or simply curious about exploring plant-based cuisine, NYC invites you to indulge in a flavorful journey that celebrates both culinary innovation and compassion.

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