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March 9, 2023

Chloe’s Corner: My Fitness Regimen

The Lanby’s Co-founder and CEO, Chloe Harrouche shares her workout routine.

Chloe Harrouche, Co-Founder & CEO
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The Lanby’s integrative approach to healthcare stems directly from Co-founder and CEO Chloe Harrouche’s belief in a well rounded and balanced approach to health and wellness. This starts with a commitment to her own body. Chloe starts most of her days with a disciplined, but realistic routine that allows for her to show up for her family and team. What does a busy Co-Founder, CEO, and Mom do to get her daily dose of endorphins? We asked Chloe to share her workout routine: 

How many times per week do you workout?


Are there days where you dread working out?

Fortunately, no! I don’t work out when I don’t have the time or when my body feels like it needs a day off. I also don’t push myself to do workouts I know I won’t like, which helps me stay consistent. 

What is your go-to workout routine?

I start my days with either an Obé Fitness sculpt class with Katherine Menna or a Soto Method Pilates/HIIT class. I typically only have time for a 30 min workout during the week, so I aim for a 45 minute class on the weekends.

Are you a morning or an evening workout person?

I used to be an evening, pre-dinner workout person. I couldn’t imagine the thought of getting my heart rate up first thing in the morning but by switching from doing high intensity Peloton workouts (which if I’m being honest, I never really looked forward to) to a sculpt or barre class, I’ve trained my mind and body to be less intimidated by early exercise.  The key is finding a workout routine you don’t dread. You’ll start to appreciate the feeling of accomplishment you get afterwards, and then it’ll just become a matter of setting your alarm 45 minutes earlier. 

How has being a new mom affected your workout regime?

There’s less me-time in the mornings now. I make sure to get a workout in for my own mental sanity but they’re definitely shorter than they used to be. These days I’m carving out time in the morning to spend with my children before heading out for the day. 

How has starting your own company changed your workout routine?

Fortunately, it hasn’t much. I try to prioritize my health above most things and live by what I preach. I know that I will be most productive at work if I eat well and stay active. I also know that if I don’t take care of my wellbeing, I’ll burnout, and how could I be an effective CEO then? In my mind, it’s all about prioritizing what matters to you most and building a routine around it that you can reasonably stick to. I started The Lanby because I was itching to do more for my health but totally lost as to how to get there. I wanted others to have an easier time than I did personalizing their approach to wellness and creating the habits to get them there. 

What is your favorite in-person class in NYC?

I used to love Physique 57 back when I lived downtown. But the commute time to any class, even if it’s a 5 min walk, feels like wasted time during the week. I definitely want to try some group fitness classes on the weekends and I’m open to any UES recommendations! 

What’s a class you’d like to try but haven’t yet?

Tracy Anderson and Forward_Space.

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