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December 8, 2021

Concierge Medicine of the 21st Century

What separates us from every other concierge medicine practice out there?

Lanby Team
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The Status Quo

Healthcare organizations are inefficient and outdated. Patients are searching for transparency, convenience and personalization - luxuries our current system cannot offer. Physicians are searching for ways to minimize their administrative workload and refocus their efforts on providing better care. As the existing model becomes increasingly unsustainable, more and more patients, and physicians, are circumventing the system and going “concierge".

The Concierge Model

Concierge medicine bypasses insurance, and instead creates a direct fee arrangement between physician and patient. In general, a concierge practice (or "direct primary care practice", in the context of primary care) charges a greater premium in exchange for immediate access and personalized attention. There are multiple ways of structuring the arrangement, but the fee typically involves some combination of an annual flat fee and an out of pocket charge per visit. 

Good Care If You Can Get It

The value proposition of traditional concierge medicine has historically been geared toward a different generation, promising direct physician access 24/7, coordination and advocacy when admitted into a hospital, and an exclusive referral network of specialists who offer a similar out of network experience. This model ignores a large group of patients who are seeking more comprehensive care, better access, and a seamless experience, but are unwilling to pay the high premium. We wanted to find a better way to opt out of the status quo and offer a solution that felt more relevant to the needs of today’s modern consumer.

Concierge Reimagined

At The Lanby, we set out to prioritize the values and benefits that would make going “concierge” worth it: convenience, coordination, and curation. What that looks like:

  • Realign physician-patient incentives: We charge one all-inclusive annual fee, no extra charges, no hidden costs. We think this is the only way to truly align physician-patient incentives. 
  • Look to the system, not the symptom. We upgraded from primary care doctor to primary care team, so that we can address your full health narrative from every perspective, not just a medical one. This also facilitates an organizational structure that allows our care providers to focus on what they love and spend meaningful time with patients.
  • Be the first doctor’s office to get a Michelin star: We applied everything that creates delight in the hospitality industry to health care, because five-star care and five-star service shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. 

Going The Extra Mile

The Lanby not only streamlines access and tech-enabled convenience but also offers members a seat at the table. It's no longer just about having direct phone access to your doctor. It's about curating a thoughtful and valuable patient-centered experience from start to finish both in the office and through the members app. It’s about inviting members to take part in designing their home base for health. As a practice founded by patients, our members’ feedback is not only welcomed, but essential. That's what we call getting well, better.

Ready to get well, better?

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The Lanby Editorial Team