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Part of our mission at The Lanby is to make good introductions. That applies across the board: from top tier specialists, to cutting edge wellness partners, to vetted resources, we put in the work to find the good stuff, so that being a patient doesn’t have to be your part-time job (after all, primary care is our full-time job). Our Getting Well With series is a space for us to make introductions to great minds in the wellness industry. And even better when it’s also the mind behind one of our newest wellness partners, HigherDOSE. We sat down with Co-Founder and CEO Lauren Berlingeri for a chat on the wellness industry & her own wellness practices — check it out below.

Meet the CEO

On her wellness routine, managing stress, and what makes a good "recovery stack".

What are your daily wellness non-negotiables?

Making the right food choices based on what I need to be eating. I don’t follow a specific diet, but I work with nutritionists and gene specialists to ensure that the foods I eat work with my genetics. In particular, I have to be careful about bad fats. I never eat anything deep fried, I go out of my way to avoid vegetable oils, and I don’t eat out that often. Beyond what I eat, I try to get my heart rate up, work out, or sweat daily. Sometimes that just means a long walk with my kids.

What’s the best piece of advice you got as a wellness startup founder?

Test it out before you do it. Be sure to start with small market tests before investing dollars and resources. I’m a firm believer in the lean startup approach — I still live by it, and it really drives me when creating new products.

How would you describe your relationship with stress?

I don’t wake up and start my day by thinking about how to lessen stress — I start my normal routine, and then sometimes stress will pop up, in all shapes and sizes. Either work, or life, or something from my past that’s so deeply rooted in me.

When I do get stressed, I pull out all of the wellness tools I have, like my Chill Chews with L-theanine, which help lessen the coffee jitters and calm me down a bit. When it’s work stress, I’ll run through the “5 whys”, to get to the root of why I’m feeling a certain way. Whether it’s a power struggle, or deep emotions I need to deal with, or the pressure of being a leader, I always start with my 5 whys before diving deeper. And if I didn’t get enough sleep, I honor that too. That means I won’t push it with an intense workout — instead I try to find time to nap, rest, or meditate.

Tell us about your perfect Sunday.

My perfect Sunday starts with coffee, then not going on my phone, being present with my kids, making breakfast with them, and spending the bulk of the day outdoors and being physical. As the day winds down, I like to make a little “recovery stack”, piecing together self care practices like getting a massage, doing a self massage, going in my sauna, or practicing deep breathing, to name a few.

Well Tech

On HigherDOSE and why the future of biohacking is female. Plus, her most-used HD product.

What are the benefits of your infrared sauna blanket? How can it impact both physical and mental health?

The main benefits of the sauna blanket that impact both mental and physical health are: promoting cardiovascular health & blood circulation, detoxing heavy metals & mold, improving sleep, reducing inflammation, alleviating symptoms of chronic pain & anxiety, and improving mood.

How did you make the jump from the saunas to the Infrared PEMF mat?

We wanted a product where you could leverage infrared's healing, calming, and recovery benefits for more than just an hour, without having to commit to sweating. We then layered in other wellness technologies like PEMF that did exactly that as well.

Where do you think the future of DTC/at-home wellness is headed? Why do you think the at-home infrared sauna products have resonated with people so much?

I think there are endless possibilities as to where the future of DTC is going. Our hope is that one day, the majority of people will be able to have a sauna blanket, or at least one wellness tech tool product in their home, since using a sauna in person even once a week isn’t always cost effective or attainable for some. So the importance of at-home wellness has continued to grow since we founded HD, and it continues to be ever growing.

Our products stem from ancient practices combined with modern tech as a cornerstone to biohacking innovation. But right now that conversation — and most of the biohacking community itself — is predominantly focused on the male POV. There’s room for improvement around themes like cycle hacking, maternal care, birthing, etc, and I’m optimistic about the future of females in biohacking. We’ve really honed in on caring for the female body first and foremost, since it is fairly foreign in this community. But we still keep HD male friendly, since these products can benefit everyone, from athletes, to models, to regular people who sit at a desk all day with back pain.

Not asking you to pick favorites, but do you have a HigherDOSE product that you use more than the others?

The red light face mask!

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