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April 8, 2024

Get Well With: Rachel Katzman

The cofounder of Pvolve shares her inspirations and best wellness tips.

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Meet The Founder

Can you provide a brief overview of your background and journey that led you to co-found Pvolve?

I was in my early 20’s living in NYC bouncing around all the boutique fitness studios and found myself not achieving the physical results I was looking for and my body in a ton of back pain from all the HIIT workouts I was doing. I found out I had scoliosis, and continued to push through my pain to achieve the results I was after. After finding a studio that was teaching functional fitness, I very quickly saw the physical results I wanted but more importantly my back pain went away. Once I started educating myself on functional fitness and all its amazing benefits, I knew I found the answer. You can look amazing and feel even better. Gone are the days of breaking down your body, we all want to live younger longer and with Pvolve, you can do exactly that. 

What is the most rewarding part of being a founder?

Getting to see your ideas and vision come to life for people to experience. Hearing from our members, interacting with our community and learning how Pvolve has transformed their lives for the better. There is no better feeling.

What is the most challenging part of being a founder?

When it’s your company & your baby, it never stops. I have a hard time ever shutting off and not letting my business consume me. Managing the day-to-day fire drills that come your way while also trying to focus on the long-term strategy and vision can get overwhelming. In those hard moments, you just go back to your why, your mission and it makes it all worth it.

What advice would you give other founders or entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

Test, try & learn. Don’t wait until something is perfect to get it out into market. You want to constantly be trying new things, new creative, new messaging, etc and seeing what sticks with your audience. If you wait until its perfect, somebody will beat you to it.

Outside of your work with Pvolve, what hobbies bring you joy and inspiration?

I love cooking, I find it so peaceful and one of the only times I am not on my phone. I also recently started horseback riding and you must be so in tune with your body and the horse that you can’t think of anything else around you.

What are your daily wellness non-negotiables?

Movement! I have to start my day even if its 15 minutes with movement, it gets my blood flowing, my body opened, and leaves me feeling energized to take on my day. I also love my hot water & lemon in the morning and celery juice, and I block my calendar mid-day for a 20-minute uninterrupted break with my animals.

Pvolve and The Wellness Industry

How does Pvolve stand out compared to other types of workouts?

It comes down to the functional movements + resistance equipment that deliver on results farther than a traditional workout -When you properly activate your muscles through functional training, you’ll experience remarkable changes in your body. Yes, you will get sculpted, lifted results, but that’s just the beginning of the benefits. You’ll also notice that your strength and posture improve and that you move with increased energy, ease, and mobility in your day-to-day activities, whether hiking with friends or carrying groceries in from the car.

Who’s best suited for this type of workout?

Anybody!! Functional fitness has so many benefits for everyone and can have incredible results if you’re looking to strengthen, increase your mobility, stability, and improve your overall bodies functions.

What is the best way to get started with making exercise a consistent part of someone's routine?

I always tell people to start off small. 2x a week even if it’s just 15-30 mins, you want to create something achievable at first, and have your body start to crave it. From there, work your way up after a few weeks. And most importantly, find a workout you actually enjoy!

What do you attribute to Pvolve's growth and popularity?

At the end of the day the product works. The method delivers on results you won’t get from a traditional workout, and I think woman are ready for a workout that can benefit their lives in more ways than just looking great. I also think our focus on women, and women’s health was a bit ahead of its time, but in 2024 we finally understanding that what a woman needs from her fitness is different and unique! 

What's the most gratifying piece of feedback you've received from a member?

It truly is so hard to pick, every week we have a member come on our all hands meeting and talk about their journey with Pvolve, and it’s our favorite meeting of the week. Everything from being able to hike & run better, pick up their kids without back pain, having an autoimmune condition and being able to find a workout that makes them feel strong without putting strain on their joints, to just having the body of their dreams. It is such a magical method.

The fitness industry is constantly evolving. What’s next for Pvolve?

We are focused on continuing to develop groundbreaking content to push the standards of fitness further. Opening multiple studio’s this year and beyond as our franchise side of the business has started to take off. And continue to educate and spread the word about functional fitness.

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