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March 23, 2023

How Physical Therapy Can Reduce Pain and Improve Your Health

Brad Gilden explains how to conduct your own physical therapy screening.

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Co-founder of IPA MANHATTAN Physical Therapy, Dr. Brad Gilden has been practicing physical therapy for over 20 years. He focuses his training and research on the relationship that posture has on breathing, sleep and recovery as it relates to overall health and well-being. He has worked in a variety of settings treating patients with various neurological, orthopedic, airway, and sports injuries making him the optimal person to explain how a physical therapy screening can help your health. 

The Importance Of Posture

What if I told you that small improvements in your alignment and movement strategies could reduce or even eliminate pain you’ve had in your body for years. With improved posture, not only will you feel less pain and be more resilient, but you will also experience improvement in sleep, athletic performance, cognitive abilities and even digestion.

The importance of maintaining good muscle skeletal health is no different than keeping up with good dental hygiene. We should see the dentist twice per year to prevent gum and tooth disease. The same is true for keeping your bones, muscles, and nerves in a healthy state. Unfortunately, this is not something that is intuitive or properly taught.

Repetitive behaviors such as sitting at your computer, going to sleep, lifting your child, or talking on your phone may be the cause of your neck, back or shoulder pain. I want you to think about a cut you may have had on your arm from accidentally bumping into a sharp object. As the cut heals it forms a scab. If you pick the scab before it fully heals, it will bleed again, and you’ve just re-injured your arm and now it must repeat the healing process all over again. This is no different than maintaining poor posture or body mechanics throughout the day. Often this behavior is what drives most of the injuries and chronic pain people suffer daily.

Perfect posture does not exist and if it did, it would be impossible to maintain. However, there are excellent strategies to maximize your function and reduce stress on your neck and back while utilizing core muscles to maintain spine health. IPA Manhattan Physical Therapy has developed an evaluation that utilizes a comprehensive, total body evaluation and treatment system to identify and correct existing dysfunctions. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge of how to care for your body, improve function and prevent injury. Following our treatment, most of our patients report an enhanced life with more freedom of movement, and higher performance in their recreational and competitive activities.

How to Conduct Your Own PT Assessment

If any of these questions are answered as “YES”, its recommended to proceed with a screening:

1. Are you experiencing any muscular or joint pain that is chronic?

2. Are you looking to improve your athletic performance, or are you training for a specific event or competition?

3. Have you noticed any changes in your range of motion or strength? For example, are you having difficulty lifting objects or reaching overhead?

4. Do you wake up in the morning with neck, back, hip or shoulder pain?

5. Do you experience pain with prolonged sitting, standing, or walking?

6. Do you experience balance issues or dizziness?

7. Do you have jaw pain or difficulty with chewing, swallowing, or breathing?

8. Have you noticed your posture worsening and does it concern you?

9. (Females) Do you experience painful menstruation?

10. (Females) Are you having pelvic floor related issues? (Bladder leakage or painful intercourse)

11. Do you suffer from constipation or other digestive difficulties?

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