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August 14, 2023

Meet Wellness Advisor Brandon Caraballosa, MS, RD, CDN, CPT

Learn about his approach to fitness and nutrition.

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What motivated you to become a registered dietitian and personal trainer?

When I was a pharmacy student taking a prerequisite nutrition course I realized nutrition was my calling. I fell in love with the science behind it and its connection to health. It became clear to me that I wanted to be hands-on making a difference preventively, rather than behind the scenes acting reactively with pharmaceuticals. Now as a Registered Dietitian, I am able to help patients make changes that are vital to lifelong health. I am a people person who genuinely enjoys when others succeed in their goals. 

What aspect of your job surprises you the most?

A cookie-cutter approach to nutrition and health does not exist. Each individual is unique, and while general concepts and goals may be similar, each patient is completely different. The beauty of health is how interconnected it all is: your stress levels, your sleep, your access to food, your knowledge on a subject, your physical ability, your motivation, are just a few factors contributing to the health spectrum. Two individuals may come in for the exact same reason and yet our two sessions are completely different. This keeps me on my toes and is a reminder that the patient is the expert and I'm only the guide because no one knows their situation better than themselves.

What is your go-to first step for anyone trying to improve their habits? 

Micro decisions with macro impact. I try to identify small changes that can have the biggest impact on your health. Nutrition is about balance and consistency so if you go too big at first it will likely not last. However, if we can alter something that doesn’t drastically change who you are or what you like while providing a major improvement in your health, then this will provide sustainable success. 

What issue in healthcare is top of mind for you right now?

Functional health is an approach to health that ensures a higher quality of life without discomfort. I love it when my patients tell me they are moving better without pain, they are getting better sleep, they have no GI distress, they feel less stressed, or they just feel more fit. I like to take a whole health approach with your specific goals in mind. 

How does wellness factor into your own life? 

Outside of The Lanby I’m a personal trainer, I play organized sports and workout daily, so taking care of my body is a priority. I make sure to get solid sleep so my energy levels are high. In the kitchen I’m always trying to find new ways to create recipes that are healthy recreations of more traditional dishes. I have a food-first and real food approach. I focus on natural foods with minimal processing and enjoy a varied diet. Other key focuses of mine are staying hydrated and reducing stress. 

Why The Lanby? 

The Lanby prioritizes the patient and patients know themselves best, while the providers are here to collaborate, guide and educate. Traditional health care can be off-putting with unwelcoming environments, poor follow-up, and an overall bad experience. Nutrition interventions take time. The Lanby supports its practitioners to dive deep into the whole health aspect of a patient, allowing for adequate time to see change. The warm and nurturing environment at The Lanby is felt by the patient. Consistent contact is most beneficial to the patient's health and The Lanby is set up for providers to make a difference with the patients. 

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