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May 12, 2022

Why Primary Care Matters

Your PCP is your healthcare quarterback.

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Why primary care matters

Why did we decide to place our focus on primary care? Because within our broken healthcare system, our entry point, primary care, has taken one of the greatest hits. With long waits, short visits, and reactionary treatments, it’s no wonder so many people today don’t have a steady primary care doctor and jump straight to specialists. But we have to stop skipping the first step.

It’s your first line of defense.

Primary care is our home base within the healthcare system. Where specialists are operating in silos, your primary care doctor serves as your true healthcare quarterback, connecting you to the right specialists and coordinating your care. And in managing both your generalist and specialist data, they’re the only ones with a bird’s eye view of your full health narrative. Without that partner, we’re inevitably left putting the puzzle pieces together ourselves.

It’s where care happens.

Little known fact: 80% of issues can be resolved through primary care alone, making your PCP your most important medical resource. Because most issues can be treated by our primary care doctors, this usually eliminates the need to go to urgent care, specialists, or the ER.

In part, this is because so much of the disease we experience today is lifestyle driven. 40% of Americans have at least one chronic condition, while 40% of deaths from the top 5 causes of death can be prevented with good primary care. We need to start using our PCP for health care, not sick care. 

It saves costs down the line. 

Patients who have a primary care doctor spend 33% less on health care bills over time. That’s because they’re not overspending on specialists and solving problems in the preventive phase. The beauty of primary care is that it doesn’t let little things become big things. Front loading spend toward prevention is one of the best investments we can make for our health and for our wallets. 

Reclaiming primary care

It’s time to get back to the doctor. We’ve reimagined the primary care experience to ensure your PCP is your true partner in health optimization. That means realigning physician-patient incentives through a direct primary care model, incorporating wellness & nutrition into our core offering for full-person care, and ensuring care remains continuous, coordinated, and comprehensive through our concierge offerings. It also means infusing healthcare with hospitality: no wait times, attentive visits, excellent customer service, meaningful personalization, and a luxurious experience so that going to the doctor feels like an activity, not an errand. We call it getting well, better. 

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