I’ve felt very supported by my care team as I navigate improving my health. They’ve made it super easy and they’re enjoyable to talk to.

Alexandra P.
Member of The Lanby
Members of The Lanby

Tell us about yourself and why you joined The Lanby. What were you looking for or trying to solve?

I live in New York City, work in technology, and am newly married. I love to read and play tennis. I joined The Lanby for 3 main reasons:

1. I wanted to become proactive instead of reactive about my health. I wanted to learn how to set myself up for success now (through nutrition, blood work, supplements, exercise, mental health, etc) instead of reacting later if something goes wrong. 
2. I wanted to build a relationship with a team that’s invested in my health and wellbeing. I receive so much conflicting information on the internet or in conversation with friends and family, and it became clear that what works for me may not work for a friend and vice versa. I sought to establish a relationship where I could get personalized and tailored recommendations, based on who I am, and cut through some of the noise.
3. Ease of use: Going to the doctor was always unenjoyable and daunting for me. I’d sit on the phone, eventually make an appointment, and then I felt like the doctor barely knew me when I was there. I love that The Lanby allows me to make appointments online, text with my concierge manager. They take notes during appointments so I don’t have to, and follow up with specific next steps. There are only so many hours in the day, and I found myself waiting until the last minute to see a specialist or go for a checkup because the process was so cumbersome. I really just wanted caring for my health to be easy. 

Describe your experience as a member. What has been your favorite part or the most valuable benefit?

Most people in my life know that I’m a member of The Lanby because I can’t stop talking about how easy they’ve made it to focus on my health. I joined last year and after my initial blood work, I met with the doctor and nutritionist to set a care plan. Prior to joining, I didn’t realize the easy lifestyle changes I could implement to impact my health. I regularly meet with my wellness advisor to inquire about my own health, or ask about trends I saw on TikTok or heard from friends. I feel connected and supported. The Lanby also seamlessly connects me with specialists and regularly answers my questions about insurance and billing.

One of the most valuable things about The Lanby is the Concierge service. I’ll text questions such as “What does my wellness advisor think of this supplement?” or “what’s a good book on mental health?” and get a response that day. Additionally, I’ll text my concierge manager for a last minute appointment if something has popped up unexpectedly, like my first migraine. I’ve felt very supported by my care team as I navigate improving my health. They’ve made it super easy and they’re enjoyable to talk to.

What has your Care Team provided that you weren’t able to get anywhere else?

Ease of use and established trust and relationship. I feel like they really know me holistically – they’re connected to all of my doctors and know about my wedding, my job, my routines. I’ve loved how connected the doctor is with the nutritionist. It’s taken the responsibility off of me to have to flow all of the information to each office. They’re up-to-date on what’s going on with me, and it’s been invaluable.

What has been your greatest victory since joining The Lanby? 

My greatest victory has been implementing some easy changes to my life (morning smoothie, increased fish intake, supplements) which resulted in my cholesterol, iron, and vitamin D improving. I also reduced my inflammation. Also, I generally feel more at ease and educated about my health. I trust The Lanby team and now don’t feel like I have to jump on trends on social media or information from friends. I know The Lanby is giving me recommendations based on science and also my own profile. Feeling more at ease about what I’m doing to try to ensure a longer, healthier life has greatly helped my mental health.

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