The attention to detail, efficiency, promptness, and availability for appointments, scans, bloodwork, and everything in between would be enough to set The Lanby apart from anywhere else, but all those things are done with genuine care and kindness.

Charlene H. and Stephen V.
Member of The Lanby
Members of The Lanby

Tell us about yourselves and why you joined The Lanby. What were you each looking for or trying to solve?

Charlene and I both work in health care. Through our different roles in this industry, we have seen just how incompetent, tragic, and disheartening health care has become. So much so, that until very recently, my personal health care plan was to never see a doctor, much less have my own primary care provider. When I met Charlene the flip switched and I became interested in longevity, how to be in the best possible health at every age. I wanted to, not only be there for Charlene, my boys, and my grandchildren, but be there for them in my most my optional health. 

I discovered functional medication as a discipline, and that was the only practice that made sense for me. Call it happenstance, call it a miracle, but discovering The Lanby’s vision of how primary care should be got us hooked, and we became Founding Members. 

Describe both of your experiences as members. What has been your favorite part or the most valuable benefit?

Our experience at The Lanby has been nothing short of ideal. We have been treated with professionalism, but true kindness. This is unique in general, but especially in health care. We walk into The Lanby “office” (one can’t call such a beautiful place a medical office) and are greeted by every member of the Lanby team with smiles and genuine happiness. We feel like a part of The Lanby family. This is so important to us.

The most valuable benefit, up until recently, had been the feeling of safety we had knowing that The Lanby was there for us for anything ‘in case’. We are generally healthy people who don’t require a lot of medical attention or specialists (or so we thought) and just knowing that The Lanby was there if we had a question as well as to monitor our health every year was beneficial enough. The special events, perks, and B-12 shots were an added bonus. 

Truly our favorite part? The Bathroom! 

What has both of your Care Teams provided you that you couldn’t get anywhere else?

There are several things that The Lanby has provided us that we never would have received anywhere else. The most important being they listen. We were initially hesitant to do certain exams and instead of telling us what we had to do, our Care Team listened to our concerns and validated them. Ultimately, we came up with a care plan that worked for us. We feel that we are in control of our health with the assistance of The Lanby Care Team and are not just being told what to do. 

The follow-up and communication from our Care Team is unparalleled. After every visit, we receive an email with any loose ends to be completed. The ability to schedule unlimited appointments (virtual or in person) as well as being able to send a text or email to our Concierge Manager is something that really sets The Lanby apart. The attention to detail, efficiency, promptness, and availability for appointments, scans, blood work, and everything in between would be enough to set The Lanby apart, but all those things are done with genuine care and kindness. 

What has been each of your greatest victories since joining The Lanby?

Steve: The victory for me is the change of mindset. I have gone from dreading seeking medical attention, and now I look forward to our visits with The Lanby.

Charlene: Knowing that we have The Lanby has always given me a piece of mind, and knowing that Steve trusts our Care Team has alleviated any worries of our future. 

Additionally, our physician was fastidious in her interpretation of my blood work, which indicated a possible cancer diagnosis. Due to her detailed physical assessment and The Lanby’s prompt efficiency and vast network of specialist’s referrals, I have a cancer free bill of health.

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