My Lead Physician looks at the whole picture when treating me. I appreciate her approach of treating the whole body, not just the symptoms.

Amanda M.
Member of The Lanby
Members of The Lanby

Tell us about yourselves and why you joined The Lanby. What were you looking for or trying to solve?

I’m lucky to have a great immune system, a wonderful relationship with sleep, zero chronic conditions, and an active lifestyle that has kept me away from doctor’s offices. But when I fall, I fall hard and I didn’t want to depend on a doctor that hardly knew me when that inevitably happens. When I heard about The Lanby, it sounded perfect. My Care Team would get to know me while I’m healthy and I’d feel confident and comforted knowing I could depend on them if I ever have more complicated health issues.

Describe your experience as members. What has been your favorite part or the most valuable benefit?

Joining The Lanby was like joining a gym, only better, because it comes with a medical doctor. There’s endless access to information, resources, and referrals, ranging from cosmetic concerns to new medical conditions. The team is incredibly up to date on wellness trends, many of which are complementary to try at The Lanby. I enjoy the invitations to different health talks such as the Sleep Seminar and the Wellness Reset. It’s difficult to convince myself to sign up for events like this but since it is part of my membership, it seems like a no-brainer. I know I’ll be treated like a VIP, and I perk up every time I see a “Members Only” email from The Lanby in my inbox.

What has your Care Team provided that you weren’t able to get anywhere else?

My Care Team has taken care of me like a mother, a best friend, a project manager, and a medical team all rolled into one. My Lead Physician looks at the whole picture when treating me; no concern is too small. She’s so warm, responsive, and validating and I really appreciate her approach of treating the whole body, not just the symptoms. She truly wants her patients to get better.

I could obsess about my Wellness Advisor forever! If anyone has concerns about being judged for their lifestyle choices, think again. She wants to meet you exactly where you are and help you set very reasonable goals to get you where you want to go.

My Member Advocate is so on top of everything and is always quick to answer my questions. I also love that she draws on her personal experiences. This trio has helped me navigate a tricky year with so much ease, and at this point I don’t know what I’d do without them.

What has been your greatest victory since joining The Lanby?

My greatest victory since joining The Lanby has also been my most difficult obstacle to overcome: my anxiety. I now know that I join countless others with anxiety. Simply being able to name it and discuss it with my care team has changed my life for the better. They’ve also helped me connect with other specialists with expertise in treating anxiety from many different angles. With The Lanby’s help, I’ve created a comprehensive battle plan I can draw on to combat these feelings.

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