It truly feels like a partnership where I have a voice in my own care and can work with the team to create a care plan that aligns with my goals.

Vadym B.
Member of The Lanby
Members of The Lanby

Tell us about yourself and why you joined The Lanby. What were you looking for or trying to solve?

My personal goal is to live past 150. While I know that it’s technically improbable, there is enough that can be done today to live healthily and long enough to witness breakthroughs in the life extension field that will allow one to live even longer. To do that, I want to track a comprehensive set of my personal health measurements (frequent and expanded lab work, sleep, nutrition, blood sugar, workouts, skin, dental, etc.) and proactively address any concerns along the way. The key here is being proactive, which is an antithesis of the present-day, largely reactive, medical experience.

And that is why I was so delighted when I discovered Lanby – their proactive approach and the personal, dedicated care team were exactly what I was looking for.

Describe your experience as a member. What has been your favorite part or the most valuable benefit?

My Care Team is not just “care” in the name, but they actually do care about my health. I absolutely love the ability to have a conversation with my doctor and wellness advisor whenever I need to. It truly feels like a partnership where I have a voice in my own care and can work with the team to create a care plan that aligns with my goals. Not only are my health concerns actually being listened to and addressed, but the Lanby team also proactively reaches out to me, both when they see anything concerning in my health data and to follow up to make sure I am following the care plan.

What has your Care Team provided that you weren’t able to get anywhere else?

So many things. The most important for me was the ability to get expanded bloodwork done whenever I want to and, even more importantly, do an in-depth walkthrough of the results with my physician – not just look at the reference ranges, but dig in deeper and view the results in the context of my overall health picture. Also, the willingness and encouragement of the team to review my health data from personal health tracking devices – continuous glucose monitor, sleep tracker, fitness tracker, etc.

What has been your greatest victory since joining The Lanby? 

I’ve seen a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep. First, by doing an expanded lab work that included a hormone panel (the first in my life!), we were able to identify certain hormonal imbalances that could have been affecting my sleep. Since those had most likely been caused by stress, I was able to work with my Lead Physician and my Wellness Advisor, to come up with lifestyle changes to reduce stress levels. Also, my Lead Physician suggested supplements to address my nighttime restlessness. Those interventions combined have led to much better sleep quality in the following months (based on both self-reported feel and the sleep tracker data). And when we did follow-up blood work, we confirmed that the hormonal imbalances had also been resolved. Thanks to my improved sleep, I am feeling as great as I can remember in recent years!

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