Get Well With: Lily Kunin

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Part of our mission at The Lanby is to make good introductions. That applies across the board: from top tier specialists, to cutting edge wellness partners, to vetted resources, we put in the work to find the good stuff, so that being a patient doesn’t have to be your part-time job (after all, primary care is our full-time job). Our Getting Well With series is a space for us to make introductions to great minds in the wellness industry. This month, we got to chat with Clean Market Co-Founder Lily Kunin — read on for her insights on finding your"me time", mindfully upgrading your medicine cabinet, and taking a beat in the (dirty) city that never sleeps.

Meet the Co-Founder

And her "fan favorite" recipes amongst friends and family.

What are your daily wellness non-negotiables?

Hydration, matcha, my supplements (prenatals, vitamin d, magnesium, & more), movement (even if it's just walking), and whole foods.

What’s the plant-based recipe you’re famous for among friends and family?

Every single one of my friends and family has made my chickpea tuna and almond crusted chicken tenders — they are definitely fan favorites.

New Yorkers are all prone to falling into the “busy trap”. How do you think about scheduling, over-scheduling, and making space for you time?

I always make sure to schedule in “me time”. It’s truly just as important as any other meeting, social obligation, or appointment, and I know I will burn out quickly without it. For me, spending quiet time with myself is how I recharge my energetic and creative batteries, whether it’s in a warm Epsom salt bath or needlepointing on the couch with my dog next to me.

As a founder in the wellness industry, what are some ways you’ve sought to incorporate health and wellness into company culture? 

We have three locations in the city that offer a combination of IV drips, infrared saunas, cryotherapy and most recently, lymphatic massage, so inherently we encourage our team to utilize the additional tools in our toolbox. They are all some of my favorite forms of self-care.

We’re a health-oriented, like-minded team, and we encourage each other to take care of ourselves and others. We also love to have fun as a team and find as much joy in dripping together as we would in a social happy hour together (tequila or mezcal on the rocks is usually the drink of choice).

Shopping Clean

Clean Market takes the work out of what you're in the market for.

Clean Market is such a stellar health hub, and we know you’ve carefully curated the selection of products in the wellness shop. What advice can you give to consumers about how to sift through the endless array of wellness products out there? How can they get more educated about product efficacy, ingredient safety, and treatment personalization?

It can be intimidating at best and frustrating at worst trying to sift through products on the market that may or may not work for you and/or be safe and “clean.” It is important to me that at Clean Market, we have already done that for you.

My advice is to find brands and resources you trust. As a hack, you can run a product you are considering through the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. Start slowly on the products that are most intimate and cover the most of your body (like deodorant, soap, and body lotion). Replace products one by one as you run out, rather than feeling like you need to dump your whole makeup bag.

At Clean Market, we have a thorough vetting process for all of our retail products, and a few differentiators. We carry medical-grade supplements that are regulated and have clinical testing against them. We vet every single product to meet both our safety standards and high-performance expectations.

We love the name of your lifestyle site, “Clean Food Dirty City”. How have you seen the wellness landscape (both across services and F&B) in New York City evolve? The relationship of New Yorkers to wellness?

The wellness landscape has become less niche and less perceived as “woo woo” or a luxury — now it’s more of an essential part of New Yorkers’ lifestyles.

New York is truly the city that never sleeps. There are loud noises and sirens all the time, and generally a fast-paced lifestyle that is hard to slow down from. To maintain a sense of sanity here, it’s essential that wellness and self-care are incorporated into your daily routine. It’s great to see so many more people making wellness their own, and a core part of their routine, whether it’s a B12 shot on your lunch break, an afternoon matcha and moment to yourself, a 10 minute walk during the day, or a bath and face mask to reset and wash off a long day.

How has Clean Market leveraged their physician team to develop IV therapy protocols? Can you walk us through the high level of what that ideation process looks like?

NutriDrip is Clean Market’s IV nutrient spa, which provides customized IV drips for accelerated results, whether it be for hangover recovery, immunity or detox. Our protocols utilize fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to treat your symptoms so you can feel better faster.

Our medical team had combined their decades of clinical experience to create standard and custom protocols for NutriDrip. Based on client goals and the latest research, we are continually improving our protocols and overall offering. For example, we are seeing a large demand for IV drips that support gut health. We worked closely with our medical team to formulate the protocol based on their research and clinical experience. From there, we administered the protocol to a small test group to track their results and test efficacy before planning our roll out for early next year.

What service, new or tried and true, are you most excited about at Clean Market?

Right now, I’m most excited about our lymphatic massages as part of our Clean Market Wellness Lab within our NoHo location. Our Wellness Lab is our hub of results-driven, clean treatment innovation and where you can be the first to experience our new effective and efficient clean treatments.

We have introduced a signature lymphatic method that blends various lymphatic therapies that integrate traditional light touch methods with more vigorous fascia release, contour strokes, cupping and stretching. The result is a therapeutic and personalized lymphatic treatment that really leaves you feeling amazing.

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